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Artifact: Imagine all the design trends condensed in a website.

Have you ever stumbled upon an old demo? It's like finding some lost bucks in your pocket, you know? Yeah, that just happened to me. I dug up this year-old demo that felt like a time capsule of UI trends from back then.

Tech Stack

What caught my eye right off the bat was the vibe Shuding's cobe brought to the UI. It was this mix of Next.js with Framer Motion, Sonner, and some bits and bobs from shadcn's UI toolkit. The result? A slick, trendy UI that made me pause and think, But hey, that's how fast UI trends move, right?


As I looked into the demo more and more, I couldn't help but notice bits and pieces that felt too familiar. Like that "ray-light" thing from the top-right corner? It reminded me of Resend's homepage. And that on-scroll light effect? Straight out of Linear's playbook. Who knows what other influences were at play during those weeks of tinkering...

Final Thoughts

Exploring this demo felt like peeking into the minds of other designers. It was a reminder that UI design isn't about reinventing the wheel; it's about taking what works and adding your own twist.

So, here's to staying inspired, staying curious, and keeping it real in the wild world of UI design. If you like this kind of things you may want to check clouds too!

P.S.: The original tweet that inspired this post can be found here:

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